Extreme Detail

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The Client

Aiden Youakim is the CEO of Extreme Detail. Extreme Detail is not just a car detailing service, they also detail planes, helicopters, and boats. Alongside their detail package, they offer paint correction and ceramic coating services. Using the highest-quality products, Extreme Detail aims to make your vehicle just as if it was brand new, while offering the best customer service. Their main office is located in Charelston, IL.

The Challenge

Aiden came to me needing a logo that represented his professional brand, while also keeping it recognizable and simple. He also needed a website that he could use to showcase his services and to be able to have his clients contact him through it.

The Approach

I got right to sketching the logo and after the final sketch was approved I started to design it in Illustrator. At that point, I wanted to start brainstorming on the colors and fonts. Aiden suggested using tones of black, white, and a metallic silver color. After a little exploration, I pitched him the idea of using a tan/ beige color instead of metallic silver and he loved it. At that point we started to work on the outline of what exactly he needed in the website (pages, content, and features). The outline was approved so I began to design the website in Wix. During that process, he needed custom icons, so I had to design 7 ones that all represented his detailing services. Once the content was all in place, and the graphics were set, I finished up the SEO and it was finished.

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